All about the different tongue drums

The Tongue Drum or Tank Drum is a percussion instrument generally molded from metals of old gas canisters. Quite melodious, the Tongue Drum is made up of sound blades also called « tongues » which are laser cut and which correspond to each of the notes you can make using your hands or specially adapted latex mallets. Discover the different Tongue Drums below.

The different types of Tongue Drum

In general, there are three types of Tongue drum, the Acoustic Tongue Drum, the Electro-Acoustic Tongue Drum and the Multiscale Tongue Drum. Each with its own peculiarities of course. Here you can discover the different tongue drum in finland. Indeed, the acoustic tongue drum is a bewitching instrument for meditation or music, it is very intuitive and therefore allows the musician to take pleasure very quickly even if he has no musical notion. Regarding the Electro-Acoustic, it has the advantage of offering you a multitude of possibilities. It is connected by a jack and has a microphone for unparalleled power. The Multiscale Tongue Drum, on the other hand, combines all the characteristics of an Electro-Acoustic Tongue Drum and an Acoustic Tongue Drum thanks to a tuning system that allows you to easily obtain up to 6 different scales.

The difference between a Hang Drum and a Steel Tongue Drum

The Hang Drum, also called Hand Pan, differs from the Tongue Drum in particular by its manufacturing principle which gives it other sounds. Thus the Hang Drum has hammered strike zones where the Steel Tongue Drum will have cut strike zones. It measures around 60 cm in diameter, while the Steel Tongue Drum can be much smaller, 30 cm in diameter. What makes another difference is that a Steel Tongue Drum is on average 5 times cheaper than a Hang Drum. It should also be noted that Steel Tongue Drums are available for sale immediately, while a Hang Drum sometimes takes more than a year.