Center for Disease Control and Prevention Issues Guidelines for fully Vaccinated Individuals

The new administration is achieving major feats in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they have been faced with several odds, they are rising to the occasion and the fact that some individuals in the country have been fully vaccinated is proof of this. In light of this, the CDC has issued some guidelines for people who have been fully vaccinated. This is in the bid to properly contain and minimize the spread of the virus.

What Are the New Guidelines?

Except for the part that concerns traveling, the new guideline is a breath of fresh air for many people. It is believed that the bit of freedom legally granted to people who have been fully vaccinated will trigger people to become more serious about getting vaccinated.

The first guideline states that people who have had a complete vaccination can move around without masks. Additionally, they are allowed to visit and have close physical contact with other people that have been fully vaccinated.

Furthermore, they can even have communication with people who are not vaccinated but are low-risk individuals.

The only problem many people have with the guideline is the stance on travel. The CDC guidelines still state that people who have been fully vaccinated should stay away from traveling. For many, this is an irrational decision and defeats the purpose of the vaccination program in the first place.

Concerns with Vaccination

There are growing concerns that certain groups of people have been sidelined in the vaccination program. For instance, reports from Florida reveal that a large part of the black community has seen vaccines intended for them distributed among the white population.

While over 60 million individuals in the country have received one form of vaccination or the other, there is the possibility that these numbers are one-sided. As a result, marginalized groups are speaking up and hoping that the pertinent bodies pay attention to this.