Dave Roberts Sticking with LeBron James Ideology by Condemning Racist Attacks Against Asian Americans

The year 2020 has been a hell of a year for many people. However, Asian Americans have had to deal with the troubles more than anyone else. This is because, in addition to the hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian Americans have been on the receiving end of physical and verbal racial attacks on many occasions.

Why Asian Americans Are Increasingly Victimized

Many of the attacks against Asian Americans are traced to the understanding that the deadly virus originated from the Asian territory, and they have to bear the consequences for the damage caused. As a matter of fact, some people believe that China deliberately released the virus to destabilize the world’s economy to their advantage.

Additionally, insensitive remarks by the ex-president of the United States only made things worse. For instance, he on several occasions called the virus “Chinese virus”.

Some of the coalition groups that protect the interest of Asian Americans have received many reports of physical and verbal attacks against this group of people. For instance, a recent video showed how an elderly Asian American was physically and verbally taunted by angry youths.

Enough Is Enough

Notable sports personalities like Dave Roberts are lending their voice to the situation. The renowned coach explained that this discriminatory act that is physically, verbally, and mentally targeted towards Asian Americans has to come to an end. This is an important step in moving forward and ensuring that society is what it is supposed to be.

This declaration by Dave Roberts was triggered by the reaction of an Asian American sportsman who was racially attacked by fans recently. The sportsperson – Jeremy Lin; explained how a cross-section of people tagged him “Coronavirus” on social media.

This is not the first time inequality and racial bias will be prominent subjects in sports. People like LeBron James have been outspoken on the need to use the sporting platform to identify and address ills in society.

However, that opinion is not shared by controversial soccer star – Zlatan Ibrahimović; who thinks that the job of a sportsperson should be restricted to the pitch or court as the case may be.