How do you know that someone is smarter than you?

In order to evolve in life, one should be intelligent and know how to make choices. What are the clues that prove that an individual is intelligent? This is what will be the subject of our development.

  Understand the nature of the word "intelligence".

Intelligence is essentially the ability to learn, and the speed and accuracy with which well-defined problems and abstract concepts are solved. You can visit the site. It is a measure of a person's mental capacity or reasoning ability. Although it sounds very sophisticated, intelligence has a purely practical meaning and affects all areas of life. Smarter people tend to do better, not only in school and college, but also at work. They are also healthier, live longer and tend to be more open and rational. Of course, there are always exceptions, but the overall trends are more consistent than most social science findings.

Focus on key numbers

Do the people you target in your "research" find answers to complex problems faster? Or at least faster than you? Do they spot trends faster than others? These are, among other things, key indicators that a person is smart, perhaps even smarter than you. Use yourself as a benchmark and compare another person's ability to perform these and other mental tasks faster or slower than you.

Ignore irrelevant symbols 

A person who is hard-working, well-connected, emotionally stable, charismatic, fearless, courageous, sociable, is not necessarily "very smart." These qualities contribute to career advancement, but should not be taken as a sign of intelligence. And the main attraction is self-confidence. This is one reason why so many incompetent people become leaders. Men are not more intelligent than women, but we confuse self-confidence with ability. We are deceived by people - mostly men - who have managed to tell themselves that they are smarter than they really are.

Understand that there are other reasons to succeed

Even if the world were truly a meritocratic society, that is, a society based on individual merit, people would succeed for reasons other than their intelligence. These include diligence, creativity and social skills. Of course, the world is not as meritocratic as it should be. Success often comes to those with limited talent, especially if they have the ability to fake their talent.