How does an interactive voice response system benefit your business?

When customers communicate with businesses today, they want their voice to be heard and their problems to be resolved quickly. That's why an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system has been designed to quickly handle a customer's request. Such technology offers multiple benefits to different organizations that we detail in this article. Discover them.

Customer satisfaction

By automatically directing a call to the right agent at the right time, your customer service process will naturally make customers more satisfied. You'll see it on this site: With an intelligently crafted phone menu, an IVR system can direct your callers to the most qualified agent. Voice response systems are now more commonly used for detailed orders, invoice notifications, appointment reminders, etc. All without making a live call to an agent.

Cost reduction

One study shows that a live chat is estimated to cost $5 per contact, and customer service via phone ranges from $6 to $12 per contact. An IVR on the other hand, could cost less than $1 per contact and make customers even happier. This is a real cost savings. Companies save money on personnel first of all. But also, productivity is increased since staff will be able to focus on solving certain problems, or on selling to real buyers. Customers will also gain in speed by quickly accessing the information they are looking for during inbound calls accelerated by the system.
Improved lead conversion
While primarily used as a customer service tool, IVR systems are now becoming the medium for a whole new sales channel. Because an IVR can help automate the contact process with potential customers, it offers a simple way to increase lead conversion. Once interested and qualified prospects have answered a few simple questions, they can quickly be directed to a live sales agent to finalize the deal.