How to create a company in Estonia?

You want to create a company in Estonia? You have the possibility to be a physical resident or a resident in another country. In the last case, you must be an e-resident. To have more information about this process, you can read this article.

Starting a business as an entrepreneur and digital nomad


When you live in a European country or a country outside Europe and you want to start a business in Estonia, it can be done easily. You can read the Xolo review for more information.

Becoming an Estonian e-resident to start a European business is a great way to start a business in Europe. Estonia is one of the few countries that offer e-residency to entrepreneurs, which allows them to start a European business without having to physically reside there. 

In addition, Estonia has an advantageous tax regime for businesses, especially with regard to corporate taxes. By becoming an Estonian e-resident, you will be able to take advantage of a favorable legal and fiscal framework to develop your European business.

But to become an e-resident or to have a company in Estonia, you must use the services of an entity able to make you an e-resident and also to create your company. To do this, there are many companies that allow you to have both statuses.

How to choose a business creation solution in Estonia?

To have your own business in Estonia, you must first become an Estonian e-resident. To do this, you must go through a company that offers these services. So, you have the possibility to search online to find them.

However, it is important to know how to choose your company. There are several things to consider. These include the price of the service, the length of time you will have your e-resident documents. You must also take into account the professionalism of the company. 

The same is true for the creation of your European company in Estonia. You should also choose a company that complies with the conditions mentioned above. It is better to choose a company that can handle both services at the same time.