Tips to get your visitax in Cancun

The visitax is a tax that all visitors to Cancun from any country in the world must pay. Set at two hundred and twenty-four pesos or the equivalent in US dollars, the visitax is intended to help finance the country's industrial and tourism sector. However, some tourists still get lost in the process of paying their visitax. This is what we will find out in this article.

Who should pay the visitax?

The visitax is another tax newly initiated by the Mexican government for tourists. Visitax Cancun is a tax to be paid before staying in this locality. It is charged to all persons travelling from outside the country who are over four years old. The destinations to which this tax applies are the tourist sites of Quintana Roo, such as the Island of Cozumel, Cancun or Tulum. However, this tax does not apply to business, health and education trips.

Ways to pay the visitax

You have the possibility to pay your visitor's tax before, during or even after your stay in Cancun. There are two ways to pay the visitax: in person and electronically. The Mexican government has not remained on the sidelines of globalisation to make it easier for tourists. As a result, a platform has been created that allows you to pay your visitor's tax. Once on the site, you will be asked to fill in your passport number, name and age. After that, you will be able to make the payment either by bank transfer or other means of payment. As for the payment in person, you have the possibility to pay your visitax in cash at the airport in Cancun. At the airport, you will proceed with the payment by providing the required information to the agents in charge.

After paying the visitax, keep the receipt of payment with you. You will be asked for it at the airport before boarding.


All in all, the visitax allows you to contribute to the emergence of tourism in the state. The government has set up all the methods to fulfil your duty.