TV or Internet: which is the best way to access real information?

TV and the Internet remain the two most powerful means of accessing information. But we will have to reveal here how each of these two means manages the information. So, we are going to pronounce ourselves on the credibility or not of their news to finally take a position regarding that

TV as the best way to access real information

The deontolgy of the journalists' profession imposes them to treat the received information before any diffusion. Otherwise, they will suffer the consequences of their actions and are always aware of them. Professional journalists are not satisfied with rumors to spread information. Thus, they first check the reliability of the sources of information before giving the news to the viewers. Better still, we associate sounds and images with television, which gives useful content. Also, it gives more weight to the credibility of the information and it can be used for very useful purposes. Therefore, TV news has a more useful content than news circulating on social networks. So television probably remains a valuable means of accessing real information.

Only the source of the information on the Internet gives it credibility

While on TV all the information broadcasted has probably already been processed and censored, this is not the case for the information coming from the Internet. Certainly, some Internet sites are serious in the treatment of information; but others on the other hand excel in false information and this even gives them such a famous reputation. Also, it is noted that only the source of the information of the Internet testifies to the credibility of these. In the end, between the Internet and TV, the latter is probably the best way to access true information. But it should be noted that very often some information is fast on the net with the power of the latter even before the TV takes over.