What are the origin and the use of the hang drum?

There is a multitude of musical instruments. The guitar, the piano, and the drum are some of the most known. But in reality, there is another musical instrument called Hang Drum or Hangpan. This hidden instrument, easy to use, is capable of producing wonders.  Discover in this article what the Hang Drum is.

How the Hang Drum is made

The Hangpan is an instrument of Swiss origin. It was invented by Felix Rhoner and Sabina Schärer. The hang drum was born in Bern, Switzerland in the year 2000. It is made of two half-metal shells. These shells are joined together. This instrument is usually made of steel. The weight and material vary according to the quality or rather the price. For example, a Hang Drum for 36 dollars will be usable but will not be as beautiful as a Hang Drum for 60 dollars. Therefore, it is manufactured in several qualities so as to allow all those who wish to have it, to get it easily. This instrument is also composed of two parts. The first, high part called ''ding'' and the second, low part composed of a hole in the center is called ''gu''. These two parts produce different musical notes.

Use of the Hang Drum

The Hang Drum is a perfect partner to produce beautiful melodies. With this instrument, there is no need to go to the studio to perfect your music. It can be played with both hands so that the user can produce new and interesting music himself. The Hang Drum is also easy to carry. In any case, it is easier to move with. In the bus, in a walk contrary to the piano which for example cannot easily be moved and transported. The Hang Drum or Hangpan is a little wonder that makes you travel through its beautiful melodies.