Why choose time lapse cameras for your events?

Every day, in our lives, we spend good moments that we often do not want to forget. So, to keep the memories of the good moments or of an event, it is good to immortalize it through photos and videos taken with a good camera. The following article gives the reasons to opt for a time lapse camera.

To have unforgettable moments

The camera is generally a cinematographic device. With the evolution of technology, several powerful cameras have been created, such as the time lapse camera. Enlaps the company that has proposed the Time lapse camera for its many qualities and performance. The Time lapse camera is a camera that is suitable for all your events. It has a feature called Always on, which allows you to trigger a series of photos remotely. You can also decide on the time interval between shots. With its storage capacity ranging from 128GB to 512GB, you can record as many photos and videos to keep the moments you don't want to forget. With the Time lapse camera, you also have the ability to personalise your memories by editing your photos.

For these many performances

The Time lapse camera, apart from the fact that it allows you to keep good memories of past moments, it also has several qualities that place it ahead of other cameras. First, it has a good fixation and its installation is robust. Indeed, it is resistant to any weather, it can withstand rain and snow. It has a steel reinforcement. Secondly, it is easy to download images. In addition, it has three different ways to download images. There is the full mode, the normal mode and the minimum mode. Finally, it has geo-location. The time lapse camera can be located easily and accurately if you connect it to your myTikee Pro storytelling account.