Highly Anticipated Prime Time Address by Joe Biden in Marking One Year of the Virus

Almost one year ago, the ex-president of the United States addressed the nation after the COVID-19 virus was officially considered a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. The ex-president explained that he had just signed an emergency bill that will take care of funding required to deal with the pandemic. One year later, the new president in charge of the Oval Office will be speaking extensively about the state of things after a year.

What will likely be said?

The United States president is very likely to bring up discussions that were the order of the day during his campaign. Many of these statements center on the need for strategic alliance from all stakeholders in bringing the pandemic to an end.

The address by the president will make more sense if the final hearing and voting on the stimulus package come out positive. This will indeed be a landmark achievement for him and his party considering that the legislation of the bill is a top priority.

He is also likely to discuss the massive success of the new administration in tackling the pandemic despite the odds and incompetence of the previous administration.

The Prime Time Address may Open Up Old Sores Between Republicans and Democrats

Anyone who has been keeping tabs on the situation in the United States understands that there is no love lost between the out-gone and incumbent president. Both parties have declared their rivalry on various occasions.

Well, certain analysts fear that the upcoming address by Joe Biden may be used as an avenue to rub it in the face of the ex-president. This is considering how he is likely to do a satirical comparison between how the past and present administration has tackled the spread of the virus.

The greater fear is that this may cause bipartisan hostilities between the republicans and democrats in Capitol Hill.